Michael B. Storer


I question everything, I always have and I always will. And through my experiences, I’ve had to fight for my beliefs, truths, and for the road I chose to walk. The rougher the road the better for a person like me, for how can you find truth when you assume you already know it?

I admit when I’m wrong but will stand up for myself when I’m right. I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone but I know I have. I haven’t always been a good child, brother, or lover, but I am honest with myself and honesty runs deeper that we know or want to know… through honesty there is clarity. We cannot know ourselves when we don’t see ourselves for who we really are.

I forgive, I am open and when I am closed I will return. I am not perfect and have made more mistakes than I can count and will continue to make mistakes until the day I die…but through this I will find truth, clarity, love and peace. How?

Be still not stand still, be still. Let go and be kind especially when you fight, you’re only fighting yourself. Be inspired! Be Still! Be true and share!